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We aim to create a comfortable homelike environment for healing and transformation. 

To achieve this House of Healing Arts will be built according to the ancient Indian Vastu principles using natural and nontoxic materials. By constructing with natural materials we can create an ecologically friendly and self sufficient place with solar energy, wind turbines, compost toilets, and  water circulation all within the framework of Vastu Principles. 


To begin with, House of Healing Arts will be formed by an open community space (rancho), a yoga platform and a main building, an adobe house with private and guest accommodation. Later, a spiritual centre with meditation chambers, an open air fire pit, an art studio and individual huts for visitors will be added. Natural building and the use of the traditional principles of Indian Vastu architecture will help us to create a harmonious space, which is in balance with laws of nature and encourages a free flow of energy indoors and outdoors.


We have already fenced and cleared the land, installed water and planted hundreds of plants and fruit trees. We are now planting a stock pile of garden plants, paving an access road with natural stones (without cement!) and building a rancho.


A rancho is an open platform with a thatched roof. It is commonly used as a place to relax and work outdoors as it provides a cover from sun and rain. It will serve as a storage for materials and equipment during construction. Upon completion of the project the rancho will be converted into a peaceful community space and outdoor kitchen. As soon as the rancho is finished we will install electricity for further construction phases.


The construction phases are as follows:


    1.    Rancho: An open building with a thatched roof.

    2.    Main house with private living quarters including an office space and guest rooms

    3.    Yoga Platform

    4.    Guest accommodation as individual huts

    5.    Spiritual centre

    6.    Art studio

The construction phases to follow will depend on the funding we can obtain. As soon as Phase 2 and 3 are completed, we can start operations to facilitate the implementation of the phases 4, 5 and 6.


Vastu is natural law based design and construction based on ancient Indian Vedic wisdom.  An important component of Vastu and Vedic architecture is to build sustainably with natural, non-toxic materials that are suitable for the local climatic conditions. This comprises of using materials such as wood, rammed earth, brick and adobe, as well as natural finishes such as clay stucco, marble, ceramic tile, natural fibre and healthy, natural, non-toxic paints and glues. 

Vastu homes are built at least 500 meters from harmful electro-magnetic fields caused by high-tension lines and microwave towers. Precautions like shielding of all electrical wiring are done in order to ensure that electro-magnetic fields are not circulated indoors. Ideally, all materials and appliances in natural law based design and construction should be pure and healthy. 


Vastu homes are called Fortune-Creating homes. They are being constructed with environmentally friendly, sustainable technologies, such as solar hot water, photovoltaic electrical power, geothermal, daylighting and rainwater catchment, which align the buildings with Natural Law. 


‘Because individual life is cosmic, everything about individual life should be in full harmony with Cosmic Life. Maharishi Vedic™ architecture gives dimensions, formulas, and orientations to the buildings that will provide cosmic harmony and support to the individual for peace, prosperity, and good health — daily life in accord with Natural Law, daily life in the evolutionary direction.”

— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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