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There are many ways in which you can help the House of Healing Arts to become reality. Your comments, supporting words, and advice are always welcome!

At this stage of the project, I am grateful to anyone who is willing to support us by monetary donations in order to build the basic infrastructure to get the House of Healing Arts up and going. Please have a look at our crowdfunding page: 


Here you can also find information about the rewards that I have chosen to say thank you to everyone supporting our project.

Besides you are for sure always welcome to come by our little home here on Ometepe and refresh yourself with home-made kombucha, ice cream or smoothie! I am happy to give yoga classes or Reiki sessions – please get in touch or come by so that we can agree on date and time.

You can find us just a few steps from the entrance to El Zopilote, along the main road towards Balgüe.

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