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House of Healing Arts will be a community based retreat centre and a spiritual home dedicated to offer old and new proven healing methods to reduce trauma and stress, and to help transformation and human evolution. Our mission is to establish a safe environment where people can come to experience healing arts such as yoga, meditation, SoulCollage®, dance, sound, art, massage, kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Technique, craniosacral therapy and many more.


We value honesty, integrity, innovation, confidentiality and light heartedness while processing human emotions and experience. We respect nature, animals and each other. We aim to live in truth, simplicity, love and service for humanity. 


By founding the House of Healing Arts, Marjut wishes to bring much needed healing and unity to people from all walks of life. Our problems like fear, feeling abandoned, selfishness, aggression and carelessness toward each other and Mother Nature arise from a feeling of being separate.  Practising healing arts helps us to let go of the limited idea that we are simply a body and separate from nature and each other, and therefore helps us to live more meaningful, happier, peaceful and loving life.

Healing workshops will be offered to Nicaraguans as well as visiting foreigners. Marjut’s vision is to establish an international community with visiting healers and workshop participants from Nicaragua and abroad. Her hope is that House of Healing Arts will be a home where people from various cultures will come together to share, heal, transform and connect with each other. 

The website will be constantly updated and it will display to online visitors how things evolve at the retreat.

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