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“Women who are empowered to make decisions change societies.”- Madeleine Albright


The House of Healing Arts will be a place that welcomes visitors of all genders and ages. Yet the empowerment of women is a particular concern for us.

At House of Healing Arts we wish to create a safe haven for women, a place to heal, to recover and to transform. By connecting to their inner strength, we want to help women to become aware of their potential of being the most powerful initiators of social change.


The movement of women’s awakening consciousness has created an increasing need to cooperate, support and empower each other. Men are coming face to face with their feminine aspects and need acceptance and guidance. Feminine and masculine energy work in their own distinctive ways. In balance their create a harmony that we are all yarning for.


There are three important steps for empowerment of women that we wish to work on: Firstly a woman needs to accept her own body and to be happy with her self image. Unaccepted self image makes a woman weak!! Our aim is address the wide spread body hatred culture that affects women all over the world.

Trusting intuition is the second very important step for women’s (and men’s) empowerment. Intuition is our protection mechanism and it is important to trust, follow and develop it.  

Communication, collaboration, solidarity and helping each other is the third step that leads to empowerment of women.  Traditionally when women got together it was about healing, nurturing, helping, sharing and creating a vision for the community. 


Particularly ages between 40 and 60 are considered as power years of women. This often turns out to be the age when women feel that they cannot get their voices heard in the society any more. By this age many women may have experienced motherhood and their children might have left home. They may have divorced, been made redundant, or are recovering from a negative relationship. Perhaps they are disillusioned with their current work and so on. This is the point where women are either seeking for transformation, a new passion in life, or are already ready to give back to the society. This can become a revolutionary time for many women to connect and collaborate with other women in order to fully harness their feminine power, share their wisdom and overcome the society’s rejections for reaching a mature age.


Nicaraguan society is dominated by masculine energy and women hardly get together. There is a popular saying that men are for on the streets and women for the houses.

Our challenge at House of Healing Arts will be how to involve increasing number Nicaragua women to join our healing community and to participate in our workshops.

Teenage pregnancies are a rife and majority of women/girls giving birth are between 14-and 19-year-olds. It is not uncommon that young girls are seduced by men double or triple of their age. As soon as a girl gets pregnant she is often abandoned by her seducer, who claims no responsibility. This is still widely accepted in rural societies. In our small community we currently have two teenage mothers. Both minors,14- and 15-years-olds, have been seduced by men double of their age.


We wish to empower local women and especially local girls before their sexual age, with methods, that can be accepted in a very religious society. Girls here are truly lacking opportunities to develop their interests. So far we have had some success by providing horse riding to young girls. Being able to control a big and powerful horse has helped the girls to feel more confident and in control of their own lives. 


Transformations like having a feeling of confidence, belief in oneself, making bold, fearless decisions are some of the most powerful things that can happen to any of us.

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