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Traditional livelihood based on agriculture has changed during the last decades in Ometepe. Unlike their grandparents and parents the younger generation tend to be alienated from the land cultivation. Instead of agriculture many families have turned to tourism, which seemed to be an easier and more profitable option. Agricultural land was sold in order to make investment for tourist accommodation and services. The current sociopolitical upheaval and the disappearance of tourism in Nicaragua has put many local families in a precarious and vulnerable position.


This is an important and ideal time to continue the project in order to offer work opportunities for the local families.


We wish to provide purposeful work for men and women, pay fair wages that include paid holidays and social security contributions. 


Currently we are providing full time work for three local men. On the long run we would like to be able to employ more locals and offer work for women whenever possible. By providing employment, the House of Healing Arts is working toward becoming an integral part of the local community.

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